The Zero Boys Vinyl (Translucent Blue)
By Hans Zimmer and Stanley Myers

The Zero Boys Vinyl - Translucent Blue

ARROW RECORDS proudly present the original soundtrack to Nico Mastorakis’ thrilling action-horror hybrid THE ZERO BOYS. This previously unreleased gem combines adrenaline pumping electronic compositions by the soon-to-belegendary film composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Inception) with tasteful orchestral cues by the renowned scorer of cult films Stanley Myers (Frightmare).

This limited vinyl edition has been newly mastered from the original 1/4” analogue tapes by James Plotkin and is presented on 180 gram wax, housed inside a 350gsm sleeve. Featuring newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys, and accompanying film notes by Nico Mastorakis.

Track Listing

Side A
Zero - A01
Zero - A02
Zero - A03
Zero - A04
Zero - A05
Zero - A06
Zero - A07
Zero - A08
Zero - A09
Zero - A10
Zero - A11
Zero - A12
Zero - A13
Zero - A14
Zero - A15
Zero - A16
Zero - A17
Zero - A18
Zero - A19
Zero - A20
Zero - A21
Zero - A22
Zero - A23

Side B
Zero - B01
Zero - B02
Zero - B03
Zero - B04
Zero - B05
Zero - B06
Zero - B07
Zero - B08
Zero - B09
Zero - B10
Zero - B11
Zero - B12
Zero - B13
Zero - B14
Zero - B15
Zero - B16
Zero - B17
Zero - B18
Zero - B19
Zero - B20
Zero - B21
Zero - B22

Production Year: 2017
Number of Discs: 1

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