The Neighbour DVD
Horror / Thriller

The Neighbour

The Neighbour was released in September 2016

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Fear Thy Neighbour

Set in Cutter, Mississippi, THE NEIGHBOUR follows two small-time drug-traffickers, John (Josh Stewart) and Rosie (Alex Essoe), who operate a weigh station next door to their creepy neighbour, Troy, a widower struggling to raise his two sons. 

Planning to leave their dark career behind, John and Rosie decide to double-cross their boss, but when John returns home after obtaining enough getaway cash, he finds Rosie missing. Seeing her telescope pointing at their neighbour’s farmhouse, he elects to investigate, but soon discovers a terrifying and sinister secret…

Production Year: 2016
Region Code: 2
UK Rating: 15
Running Time: 87
Number of Discs: 1
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 2.25:1
Colour: Colour
Director Marcus Dunstan
Cast Josh Stewart
Cast Bill Engvall
Cast Alex Essoe

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