Gomorrah The Series: Season 3 DVD
TV / Drama / Thriller

Gomorrah Season 3

With the Godfather Don Pietro murdered, there is a void to be filled in the underworld of Naples. His son Genny takes control, using the opportunity to settle old scores. The survivors of the remaining factions, exhausted by the warring and massive police pressure, have suffered drastic financial losses and make peace. And with Avitabile in prison for another year, Genny now has to reign over North Naples and Rome.

Ciro, on the other hand, has had his revenge but his dreams and his family have been destroyed. He decides to leave everything behind, travels to Bulgaria and goes to work for the big-time drug dealer Valentin. But when Ciro has to return to Naples, he forms a new powerful partnership with the young and ambitious Enzo; a light that was once extinguished in Ciro's eyes reappears. Enzo, with Ciro's help, learns how to be a real boss and to take what he is entitled to. It is a time of drastic change for all of them.

Once they started out as street-level drug dealers. Now they are casting their net way beyond the city of Naples and the borders of Italy.

Production Year: 2017
Region Code: 2
UK Rating: 18
Running Time: 557
Number of Discs: 4
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Audio: 5.1 DTS
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Colour: Colour
Director Francesca Comencini
Director Claudio Cupellini
Cast Salvatore Esposito
Cast Marco D'Amore
Cast Arturo Muselli
Cast Cristiana Dell'Anna
Cast Cristina Donadio

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