Cold Fish Blu-ray
Horror / Crime

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Cold Fish

From Sion Sono, the director of Love Exposure and Suicide Club, Cold Fish has won acclaim at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals.

In the film, mild-mannered Shamoto's teenage daughter gets caught shoplifting. A generous fellow fish-store owner and his wife appear to help resolve the situation by having her work at their fish store. Too good to be true? You bet! Shamoto soon discovers the horrific truth about this seemingly perfect couple...who inextricably weave him into their grisly rituals.

Inspired by true events, Cold Fish is a twisted, brutal, blood-soaked drama that reveals the underlying insanity of an ordinary man pushed well beyond the brink.

Production Year: 2010
Region Code: B
UK Rating: 18
Running Time: 142 mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Audio: Stereo 2.0
Colour: Colour
Director Sion Sono
Cast Denden
Cast Megumi Kagurazaka
Cast Mitsuru Fukikoshi

Special Features:

  • Exclusive interview with reporter Jake Adelstein on the ‘Saitama Dog Lovers Serial Murders’, the inspiration behind the films
  • Two exclusive interviews with ‘Cold Fish’ scriptwriter Yoshiki Takahashi on the creation of both the film and original artwork
  • Theatrical trailer

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