Attack of the Adult Babies Blu-ray

Attack of the Adult Babies

From Dominic Brunt, director of Before Dawn and Bait, a satirical and sexy shocker unlike anything you've ever seen before.

A home invasion forces two teenagers to break into a remote country manor and steal top secret documents. Little do they know the stately pile is also the venue where a group of nappy-happy high-powered middle-aged men go to take refuge from the stresses of daily life by dressing as babies and indulging their every perverse nursery whim. Nor do they realise that this grotesque assembly intends to refuel the world's economy by very sinister, sick and monstrous means.

Production Year: 2017
Region Code: B
UK Rating: 18
Running Time: 80 mins
Number of Discs: 1
Language: English
Director Dominic Brunt
Cast Andrew Dunn
Cast Kate Coogan
Cast Charlie Chuck