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Anno 1790 DVD
TV / Drama

Anno 1790

Anno 1790 is part mystery, part historical drama, part romance and partially a look at early forensic science. The setting is Stockholm when Europe is in turmoil a few years after the French Revolution.

In wonderful period detail we meet aristocrats, functionaries, citizens eking out a living and revolutionaries intent on social change. Enter Daadh, an educated man of the Enlightenment, with one foot firmly planted in the future. He acutely observes and processes the changing world around him. He is of the Age of Reason, yet his heart usually gets the best of him.

Circumstances hand him an unlikely acquaintance named Freund, an erstwhile man of God and erstwhile moral compass for Daadh. Together the two are a fascinating pair of heroes, forming a tentative bond of friendship and dependence that deepens over the course of the series. Throw in a smart, beautiful and unavailable woman to create a tense romantic angle to the story and "Anno 1790" becomes a series that offers something for everyone, especially those that appreciate artful storytelling.

Production Year: 2011
Region Code: 2
UK Rating: 12A
Running Time: 582
Number of Discs: 3
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English
Colour: Colour
Director Rickard Petrelius
Director Levan Akin
Director Kristina Humle
Cast Peter Eggers
Cast Joel Spira
Cast Linda Zilliacus

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