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17th December 2019
By Louise Buckler

As the end of 2019 (and the decade!) draw near, we want to hear what YOU, thought of our 2019 releases.

To get involved, just fill out this poll with your top picks from the categories below (don't forget you can only select one title per category!). As an added incentive, one lucky entrant will be able to hand-pick any 5 of our 2019 releases* to be sent for free and 3 runners-up will be able to pick 1 title from our 2019 releases*!

The 2019 categories are as follows...

  • Favourite Release – Arrow Video
  • Favourite Release – Arrow Academy
  • Favourite Original Art
  • Favourite Newly Commissioned Art
  • Favourite Special Packaging
  • Favourite Extra
  • Favourite Booklet
  • Favourite Restoration
  • Most Wanted Title For 2020 (Already revealed)
  • Most Wanted Title For 2020 (Wishlist)


Once all your votes are in, we'll tally everything up and post the resutls here on our website  (this may take us a little while - apologies in advance for any delay!)

A full list of our 2020 Academy and Video releases can be found below and our poll closes on January 12th so don't miss out! Fill out our poll now!


Arrow Video 2019 Releases

Willie Dynamite [Blu-ray]

Crimson Peak [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion [Blu-ray]

Waterworld [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Dave Made a Maze [Blu-ray]

The Possessed [Blu-ray]

The Fifth Cord [Blu-ray]

Before We Vanish [Blu-ray]

Climax [Blu-ray/ DVD]

Horror Express [Blu-ray]

Audition [Blu-ray]

Color Me Blood Red [Standard Blu-ray]

Sister Street Fighter Collection [Blu-ray]

Kolobos [Blu-ray]

The Ringu Collection [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Ringu [Blu-ray/DVD]

Ringu [SteelBook]

Strip Nude for Your Killer [Blu-ray]

Blood Hunger: The Films of José Larraz [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Terra Formars [Blu-ray]

Iguana with the Tongue of Fire [Blu-ray]

Black Moon Rising [Blu-ray]

Keoma [Blu-ray]

Scared Stiff [Blu-ray]

The Grand Duel [Blu-ray]

In the Aftermath [Blu-ray]

The Annihilators [Blu-ray]

Yakuza Law [Blu-ray]

Mega Time Squad [Blu-ray]

She-Devils on Wheels [Standard Blu-ray]

The Last House on the Left [SteelBook]

The Andromeda Strain [Blu-ray]

Candyman [Standard Blu-ray]

Phantasm [Standard Blu-ray]

Lifeforce [Standard Blu-ray]

The Ringu Collection [Standard Box Set]

House: The Collection[Standard Box Set]

Waterworld [Standard Blu-ray]

City of the Living Dead [Standard Blu-ray]

Def-Con 4 [Blu-ray]

The Sender [Blu-ray]

Battle Royale [SteelBook]

American Horror Project Vol 2 [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Double Face [Blu-ray]

FM [Blu-ray]

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia [Standard Blu-ray]

The Loveless [Blu-ray]

The Chill Factor [Blu-ray]

Sixteen Candles [Blu-ray]

Lords of Chaos [Blu-ray]

Weird Science [Blu-ray]

Weird Science [SteelBook]

Alice, Sweet Alice [Blu-ray]

Schramm [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Cruising [Blu-ray]

Who Saw Her Die? [Blu-ray]

The Prey [Blu-ray]

The Hills Have Eyes 2 [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Macabre Visions: The Films of Mario Bava [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Hellraiser [Standard Blu-ray]

Hellbound: Hellraiser II [Standard Blu-ray]

Oldboy [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Oldboy [Blu-ray/DVD]

Toys are Not for Children [Blu-ray]

Killer Nun [Blu-ray]

Crimson Peak [Standard Blu-ray]

Aniara [Blu-ray]

The Dead Center [Blu-ray/DVD]

Nightbreed [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

American Werewolf in London [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

The Complete Sartana [Standard Box Set]

Female Prisoner Collection [Standard Box Set]

Six Gothic Tales [Standard Box Set]

Satanic Panic [Blu-ray/DVD]

Apprentice to Murder [Blu-ray]

Flowers in the Attic [Blu-ray]

Hitchhike to Hell [Blu-ray]

Robocop [SteelBook]

Robocop [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Slaughterhouse Five [Blu-ray]

Jake Speed [Blu-ray]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

The Exorcist III [Blu-ray]

The Vengeance Trilogy [Standard Box Set]

Carrie [SteelBook]


Arrow Academy 2019 Releases

Born Yesterday [Blu-ray]

My Name is Julia Ross [Blu-ray]

So Dark the Night [Blu-ray]

Phantom Lady [Blu-ray]

The Prisoner [Blu-ray]

Duck Soup [Standard Blu-ray]

Monkey Business & Horse Feathers [Standard Blu-ray]

The Cocoanuts & Animal Crackers [Standard Blu-ray]

Mélo [Blu-ray]

Khrustalyov, My Car! [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

The Big Clock [Blu-ray]

Demonlover [Blu-ray]

Nightfall [Blu-ray]

Out 1 [Standard Blu-ray]

The Running Man [Blu-ray]

Dekalog [Standard Blu-ray]

Hold Back the Dawn [Blu-ray]

Crime and Punishment [Blu-ray]

Being John Malkovich [Blu-ray]

Akio Jissoji: The Buddhist Trilogy [Limited Edition Blu-ray]

Dark City [Blu-ray]

The Major and the Minor [Blu-ray]

The Bells of St Mary's [Blu-ray]

Man of a Thousand Faces [Blu-ray]

Pickup Alley [Blu-ray]

The Far Country [Blu-ray]

Model Shop [Blu-ray]

Limits of Control [Blu-ray]


*only titles that are in stock at the time of selection are eligible.