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Shocktober 2020 – Doll’s House Competition Clues Unveiled

18th December 2020
By Caroline Lichnewsky

It’s time for our Doll’s House to reveal all the secrets it’s been hiding for the last month or so!

First of all, we’d like to thank you all for participating in this competition. We’ve truly been overwhelmed by the amount of submissions we’ve received.

While we appreciate that this competition was not for the faint-hearted 🕵️, we’ve really been impressed by the extended knowledge 🧠 that you’ve shown on our Arrow Video titles! 

And without further ado, let’s us walk you through the 53 Arrow Video film references that were hidden within the house! 🔎


Front Door & Exterior:

  1. CRASH (car crashed against the left side of the house)
  2. AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (werewolf transformation on the front porch)
  3. HEATHERS (croquet set in front of the porch)
  4. THE DEEPER YOU DIG (shadowy man digging up the ground, to the right side of the house)
  5. NIGHTBREED (the Gates of Midian on the right side of the house)
  6. THE CHILL FACTOR (snowmobile behind the tree, on the right side of the house)

Secret Basement:

  1. CLIMAX (DJ booth and dancefloor)
  2. INFERNO OF TORTURE (girl suspended from the ceiling with tattoos on her back)
  3. THE WOMAN (The Woman chained up against the wall)
  4. THE LAST STARFIGHTER (arcade machine)


  1. THE STUFF (the stuff seeping out of the fridge)
  2. HELLRAISER (Pinhead served on a plate on the table)
  3. RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES (couple of tomatoes hidden around the kitchen)
  4. ZOMBIE FOR SALE (Zzongbie the zombie eating a cabbage whilst sitting on the kitchen floor)
  5. RE-ANIMATOR (re-animated head in the oven and the small vial of glowing reagent)
  7. WITHNAIL & I (chicken on the table)
  8. BEYOND THE DOOR (tins of pea soup and the plate)
  9. ONE MISSED CALL (cellphone on the floor, under the table)

Living Room:

  1. WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE! (green patterned wallpaper with the family portrait hanging on the wall)
  2. THE RING (Sadako crawling out of the TV)
  3. ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK (Elvira chilling on the couch watching TV)
  4. LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER (tentacles coming out of the aquarium)


  1. CANDYMAN (Candyman’s hook hand breaking through the mirror)
  2. CARRIE (bucket of blood on the bathroom floor/Carrie coming up the stairs)
  3. BRAIN DAMAGE (Elmer popping out of the sink)
  4. STING OF DEATH (jellyfish man taking a shower)
  5. BLOODSTONE (ruby hidden under the bathroom floor)

Torture Room:

  1. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 (chainsaw under the table)
  2. AUDITION (syringe on the table)
  3. PITCH BLACK (Riddick’s googles on the tool board)
  4. OLDBOY (hammer on the tool board)
  5. EDGE OF THE AXE (axe on the tool board)
  6. KOBOLOS (deadly metal disks on the tool board)
  7. DRILLER KILLER (electric drill on the tool board)
  8. THE BURNING (garden shears on the tool board)

Kid’s Playroom:

  1. DANIEL ISN’T REAL (doll’s house)
  2. GAMERA (Gamera plushie
  3. ROBOCOP (Robocop figure)
  4. FRANKENHOOKER (Frankenhooker doll)
  5. I SEE YOU (frog mask on the bookshelf)
  6. ALICE SWEET ALICE (translucid mask on the bookshelf)
  7. WARNING FROM SPACE (starfish-like alien plushie)


  1. SATANIC PANIC (Pantagram painted on the wall)
  2. THE EXORCIST III (woman climbing on the ceiling)
  3. COLD LIGHT OF DAY (dead body hidden under the floorboards)
  4. LORDS OF CHAOS (Lords of Chaos poster on the wall)
  5. WHITE FIRE (diamond on top of the bedroom fireplace)
  6. PHANTASM (the flying silver sphere of death)


  1. DONNIE DARKO (airplane engine which crashed into the roof)
  2. PSYCHO 2 (the old woman in a rocking chair
  3. FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC (the four flowers in the attic)
  4. DEEP REED  (woman screaming at smashed window)


Click Here for the Hi-res version

We will be in touch with the 10 lucky souls soon to send them their well-earned Arrow Bundles! 🎁