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16th September 2020
By Louise Buckler

After polling half the state of Wisconsin, director Ryland Brickson Cole Tews and producer Mike Cheslik have caught themselves a winner... Ash Walker

Ash Walker - Instagram / Instagram 


With so many strong submissions, Ryland and Mike also selected three runners up Christian Gonzalez, Daniel Gray & Matt Roberts!

Christian Gonzalez - Website / Instagram 

Daniel Gray 

Matt Roberts - Twitter 


Want more monsters? Here's a selection of some of the other  weird and wonderful creatures that landed in our inbox to duke it out in the competition:

Tom Cassese - Instagram / Instagram

Luiz H. Coelho - Twitter / Instagram

Scott Kingsnorth - Instagram 

Chocoboo - Twitter 

Dan Ross

Richard Hoggarth

conner_cottontail - Instagram 

Cristian Castro "Reho"


Robert Stanley

Frankie B Washington


A HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to enter - here's to you!  🦑  


LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER is streaming now on the Arrow Video Channel in the UK & US!

Watch now on Apple TV in the UK & US 

Watch now on Amazon Prime in the UK



All aboard! The combined spirits of H.P. Lovecraft, early Sam Raimi and Mystery Science Theater 3000 inhabit this action-packed tale of nautical derring-do and monster mayhem – winner of the Audience Award for Best International Feature at the 2019 Fantasia Film Festival.

 On the shores of Lake Michigan, the eccentric Captain Seafield (Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, who also writes and directs) enlists a colourful crew of misfits in a bid to slay the hellish sea monster that prowls the murky depths. But as Seafield’s obsession with exacting revenge on the creature that killed his father threatens to consume him, can weapons expert Sean Shaughnessy (Erick West), sonar whiz Nedge Pepsi (Beulah Peters) and former N.A.V.Y. ­– Nautical Athletes and Venture Yunit – officer Dick Flynn (Daniel Long) hold the show together?

Shot in gloriously retro black and white on a shoestring budget, with most of the cast also performing multiple roles behind the camera, Lake Michigan Monster is an inventive, irreverent and riotously entertaining ode to the classic monster movies of yesteryear: an absurdist urban legend guaranteed to appeal to the big kid in all of us.