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Harpoon Artwork Competition Winners

3rd December 2019
By Alex Deitsch

Amazed by the sheer number of submissions sent to us over, director Rob Grant and producer Michael Peterson found it difficult to whittle down the 80+ submissions to a single winner for our HARPOON reverse art sleeve competition.

However, after weeks of debating and discussing, the filmmaking duo have finally handed over the winning title to.... Chris Barnes! (twitter: @BRUTALPosters).



Look out for Chris' amazing reverse art on our January Blu-Ray release of HARPOON, pre-order a copy now!


With so many strong submissions, Grant and Peterson also selected 5 runners up - Connor Fenner-Toora, Melvin Mago, Joey Reinisch, Ryan Button and Sture Pallarp.


Connor Fenner-Toora

Joey Reinisch

Melvin Mago

Ryan Button

Sture Pallarp



Because of the high quality of entries, we'd also like to showcase 15 special mentions...

Alberto Aviero (twitter: @alberto_aviero)

Austin Hinderliter (instagram: @austinartstuff)

Chris Fielding

Colin Murdoch

Kevbo (

Dean (

Snollygoster Productions (instagram: @snolly.gosterproductions)

Stemo (instagram: @stemo_art)

Mike O' Brien

Steve Wrench

Tom Atkinson

Sorin Ilie

Teemu Saarinen

Max Ellis

Neil Fraser


A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter and wish you all smooth sailing into 2020. 


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They say every story about love, friendship and betrayal extols a key lesson in virtue and morality. This is not one of those stories.

Jonah (Munro Chambers, Turbo Kid), Richard (Christopher Gray, TV’s The Mist) and Sasha (Emily Tyra, Code Black) have been friends a long time… maybe too long. Following a ferocious bust-up, Richard tries to make amends in the form of a sailing trip on his family yacht. After all, a friendship is the kind of ship that never sinks – until the yacht breaks down and the trio are left stranded in the middle of the ocean. As food and water supplies start to sink and rivalries, dark secrets and sexual tension start to surface, the question becomes: which of these three broken humans will run out of air first?

Dubbed a “twisty little thriller” (Eye For Film) that “will appeal to horror lovers everywhere” (Love Horror), Harpoon is Edgar Allan Poe by way of Seinfeld and an exercise in brilliant pacing, direction and acting. As the story takes darkly comedic and always unexpected turns, the three leads crescendo into a culmination of their respective crises of conscience – except the crisis here is that they have no conscience. Welcome aboard!