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Gamera Collection now available on Prime Video!

16th June 2021
By Caroline Lichnewsky

Good news for Amazon Prime Video members! The original hero in a half-shell has just arrived on Prime Video!


We’re excited to announce that the turtle titan GAMERA is now available on Prime Video in the UK and in the US. Prime Video members can now stream the entire GAMERA collection for free!

Stream it in the UK

Stream it in the US 


If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a little overview from each film so you can choose where to begin!  

Gamera The Giant Monster (Showa Era)

The initial entry in the Gamera series was Daiei Studios' first successful attempt at making a massive scale kaiju movie. Hibernating under the Arctic, the turtle monster Gamera is awakened by an atomic bomb test. The behemoth creates chaos when it arrives in Japan and an ambitious plan must be hatched to try and stop the rampage.



Gamera vs. Barugon (Showa Era)

Six months after Gamera's first appearance, a giant opal from New Guinea is brought back to Japan and the new monster Barugon is born. The creature attacks the city of Osaka by emitting a rainbow ray from its back, along with a freezing spray from its mouth, and only a fire-breathing turtle can save the day.



Gamera vs. Gyaos (Showa Era)

Unusual volcanic activity in Japan awakens Gyaos, a bloodthirsty flying monster with the power to slice things in half with an ultrasonic ray. While scientists and the military scramble to devise a way to stop this new threat, a young boy forms an alliance with Gamera; a monster no one else seems to trust.

UK / US 

Gamera vs Viras (Showa Era)

As alien invaders plot to conquer the Earth, two Boy Scouts steal a mini-submarine and discover Gamera in their midst. Transported to the alien's spaceship, the Scouts are menaced by the evil inhabitants, including Viras, a squid-like monster that grows to colossal size to battle Gamera.



Gamera vs Guiron (Showa Era)

Two young boys sneak aboard a spaceship and find themselves whisked away to the mysterious planet Terra. There, they encounter Gamera's old foe Gyaos and two female aliens with a taste for human brains. Gamera must save the children and battle the new monster Guiron, whose entire body is a deadly living weapon.



Gamera vs Jiger (Showa Era)

When a giant stone statue on Wester Island is disturbed, the legendary monster Jiger appears and heads for Japan. Gamera tries to stop this new rival, only to be injured when Jiger lays eggs inside of him. As two boys in a submarine go on a dangerous quest inside of Gamera's body to save him, Jiger threatens the Expo '70 world's fair in Osaka.



Gamera vs Zigra (Showa Era)

An alien woman from the planet Zigra and her spaceship creates a series of earthquakes around the globe. Two children at a marine park are caught in the crossfire as Gamera must combat the monster Zigra to save the earth.



Gamera Super Monster (Showa Era)

As a massive alien craft heads to Earth to do evil, three good and powerful superwomen befriend a young boy who has a special connection to Gamera, and old foes return to do battle one more time.

UK / US 


Gamera : The Guardian of the Universe (Heisei Era)

Following a long absence from the big screen, Gamera made a triumphant return to form in time for his 30th anniversary, with upgraded special effects and a more serious tone. Now a guardian deity, Gamera tussles with a new incarnation of his old foe - the flying monster Gyaos - first in Fukuoka, and then in a spectacular aerial battle over Tokyo.

UK / US 


Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (Heisei Era)

One year after the events of the previous Gamera film, Earth's ecosystem is under attack by an insect lifeform from outer space bent on colonizing our world. As the city of Sendai is destroyed, Gamera must protect the planet from the monster Legion and gets some help from Japan's Self Defense Forces.



Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (Heisei Era)

As Gyaos monsters begin to attack Japan again, a young girl - whose parents died during a previous monster conflict - discovers a new creature called Iris. After merging with the girl, the trauma-powered Iris seeks revenge on Gamera, who seems to be losing his patience with humankind.



Gamera The Brave (Heisei Era)

A young boy in a peaceful seaside town gets more than he bargained for when he takes home a mysterious egg. When it hatches, out comes a baby turtle that grows into a new version of Gamera. But will it become powerful enough in time to defeat a rampaging monster named Zedus?



Stream the GAMERA collection on Amazon Prime in the UK or US or over on ARROW in the UK, US and Canada.