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Donnie Darko UHD Replacement Programme

21st May 2021
By Dom Walker

As many of you are aware, some fans are encountering issues with our UHD release of DONNIE DARKO (FCD2113 / AV341). Resolving this issue has proven more complex than originally anticipated but rest assured we are working hard behind the scenes and will have a solution in place soon. 

If you have purchased a copy of our 4K UHD release (FCD2113 / AV341) you will be eligible for a replacement of Disc 1 (Theatrical Cut). Replacement discs should be with us in June* and you can now pre-register your details using this form.  

If you ordered directly through the Arrow website and your details are the same, you do not need to contact us for a replacement as we will organise this for you automatically. 

Thanks so much for all your patience and support. Please keep an eye on our feeds for more information and updates as we have them. 

*Please note that discs will not be shipping until at least mid-June. Once your discs ships you will receive a dispatch notice. If you have any additional queries please contact us.  



When the disc is ready, you will receive an email confirming that the replacement disc is ready to be dispatched. The delivery details from your DONNIE DARKO order will be used but if your information has changed, or you have not received this email, please contact us. 



Please complete this form to submit your request. 

If you no longer have access to your proof of purchase then please write the date and your full name on the face of your DONNIE DARKO disc and attach the photo to your form, this will count as your proof of purchase (please note that this should be on the face of the disc itself, not on paper on top of the disc).  

Our team will not be able to confirm receipt of each replacement request individually but will get back to you as soon as they can to confirm that a replacement will be shipped out. 



Q: What is the issue? 

A: On select players, the theatrical cut exhibits persistent jerky motion/stuttering through its running time. 


Q: I have 2 or more copies of DONNIE DARKO, will I receive 2 replacement discs? 

A: You will receive the number of replacement discs matching the number of copies bought on your order. 


Q: What counts as a proof of purchase? 

A: A copy of your order confirmation from your retailer. Please make sure we can identify this proof as unique to your order. 


Q: What can I do if I no longer have my proof of purchase? 

A: Please write the date and your full name on the face (picture) side of your DONNIE DARKO disc and attach the photo to your form with the relevant delivery details. The date and name must be written directly onto the disc itself. This will count as your proof of purchase.