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Brace yourself for some Wicked Weekends ahead on Apple TV!

17th June 2021
By Caroline Lichnewsky

Get ready for Wicked Weekends - available in the UK, US & Canada and featuring the very best titles from Arrow Video, Arrow Academy and Arrow TV on Apple TV!

Each Thursday,* we’ll reveal a new range of specially curated titles for you to discover, re-discover or simply enjoy watching. Running Thursday to Sunday, the selected films will be available for only £2.99 / $2.99. Stay Tuned!


 Selected titles for June 17 – June 20:   


UK Offers

The Bureau Season 1

The Bureau Season 2

The Bureau (Crime, 2015).  

Season 1:  Based on real-life accounts by former French spies, The Bureau tells the story of a man torn between love and loyalty, in a world where a single lie can kill. When French intelligence officer Guillaume "Malotru" Debailly (Mathieu Kassovitz) returns to Paris after six years as an undercover agent in Syria, he struggles to reconnect with his daughter, ex-wife, colleagues and even, his old self. But after learning that his lover in Syria (Nadia, played by Zineb Triki), is now in Paris, Guillaume breaks agency rules and approaches her as the man he was in Damascus: Paul Lefebvre. As Guillaume begins living a double life, he opens himself up (and DGSE) to new and unprecedented dangers. 

Season 2: After returning to Paris following an extended undercover mission in Syria, French intelligence officer Guillaume Debailly (Kassovitz) must face up to the challenge of adjusting to life back home.

Now tasked with training new recruit Marina Loiseau (Giraudeau), Guillaume's situation is further complicated by the arrival in Paris of Nadia (Triki), his love interest from his time in Syria, and the case of a fellow agent who mysteriously goes missing while undercover in Algeria. In this season, Marina runs into trouble while undercover in Iran, while Guillaume is forced to go to extreme lengths to rescue Nadia following her return to Syria.


US and Canada Offers

The Chill Factor  - US

The Chill Factor  - Canada 

The Chill Factor (Horror, 1993). 

The Exorcist meets the Winter Olympics in this tale of demonic possession and snowbound slashing from director Christopher Webster, producer of Hellraiser and Hellraiser II: Hellbound.

For a group of young couples, a snowmobiling trip turns into a waking nightmare when one of their number is thrown from their vehicle and knocked unconscious. Seeking refuge in a nearby abandoned summer camp, the group find themselves holed up in a cabin filled with bizarre and ominous religious artefacts. As night falls, the discovery of a Ouija board amidst the dusty relics awakens a terrifying evil.

Barely released outside of its original VHS outing (for which it was retitled Demon Possessed), cult enthusiasts Arrow Video have dug up The Chill Factor from its wintry analogue grave so horror fans can rediscover this heady mixture of snow, slaughter and Satan!



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