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Society screening at the Film Scene, US

19th September 2018

On the 19th September, Late Shift at the Grindhouse will be hosting a screening of Society at the Film Scene.


"Society encapsulates all that made the '80s halcyon age for horror; bursting with truly bizarre ideas, the film is a cavalcade of winking satire and social commentary, and culminates in an epically grotesque twenty-minute finale (designed by legendary SFX artist Screaming Mad George) that remains one of the genre's most out-there, boundary-pushing memorable endings - one you will run out and beg all of your friends to later witness."- Josh Miller, Friday Night Frights

"A bizarre fable that starts like a TV soap but soon darkens into a disturbing thriller." - Time Out London

"A mix between a typical eighties high school comedy with horny teens and conservative parents, a lovely left-wing message about the evil upper classes AND a spectacular horror film about bodymelting incestuous sex."- Fred Anderson, Schmollywood Babylon

After producing Stuart Gordon's hit Re-Animator, Brian Yunza (Bride of Re-Animator, Return of the Living Dead III) turned his hand to directing with 1989's Society and gave birth to one of the ickiest, most original body shockers of all time.

Teenager Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock) has always felt like the odd one out in his wealthy, upper-class Beverly Hills family. For some reason, he just doesn't seem to fit in. But his sense of alienation takes a sinister turn when he hears an audio recording of his sister's coming-out-party, which seems to implicate his family and others in a bizarre, ritualistic orgy. And then there are the strange things he's been seeing - glimpses of people with their bodies contorted impossibly out of Bill going mad or is there something seriously amiss in his neighborhood?

Packing stomach-churning grue and thought-provoking social commentary in equal measure, Society is a biting horror satire which culminates in one of the most gag-inducing climaxes in all of horror history.


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