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Screening of Scribe at the Berwick Film Society

8th January 2019

On the 8th of January, there will be a screening of Thomas Kruithof's Scribe at the Berwick Film Society.

In this furtive low-key thriller, the ubiquitous François Cluzet (Untouchable, Tell No-one) plays a burnt-out man, Duval, with a
troubled past, now desperately seeking regular employment and eager to start life afresh.

Approached casually with a job offer to transcribe recorded phone conversations, Duval relishes the prospect of easy money and a structure to his life which has been elusive. Provided with a sparsely furnished workspace and specific instructions, he embraces the task at hand. However, rather than contributing to national security as he had supposed, he begins to sense something else may be going on and finds himself immersed in a deadly game of manipulation.

An atmospheric little chiller, not at all far-fetched amidst today’s political skullduggery.

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