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Schlock - 4K Restoration Screening at Club David, US

23rd September 2018

Indievents and Club David will be hosting a screening of our 4K restoration of John Landis’ first feature film, SCHLOCK on Sunday, September 23, as they celebrate Art House Theater Day.

“A micro-budgeted monster comedy made when [Landis] was just 21 years old…while his filmography covers numerous genres, his heart has always belonged to creature features and monster movies. Crafted with creativity, confidence, and a legitimately funny sense of humor.” — Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

“Grounded in his abiding love of silly gags, cheap monkey suits, monster movies and inside jokes, SCHLOCK contains many of the gags and themes found in such later John Landis classics as KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, albeit in embryonic form.” — Nathan Rabin, AV Club

The film has been restored in 4K and Art House Theater Day is the exclusive first day to see the absurdity in its full glory!

You can watch a trailer for the film here:

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