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BLOOD RAGE: Late Shift at the Grindhouse screening at FilmScene, US

21st November 2018

On the 21st November, there will be a screening of Blood Rage at the FilmScene.

 "You can feel the crushing family burden when it comes to harried mother Louise Lasser; it's great to see her become more undone as things progress. Likewise, Mark Soper gives us two very different psychos!" - Dread Central

"A lot of good, gory fun."- Ian Jane,

"Funny, brutal, and featuring an above-average amount of T&A, Blood Rageepitomizes the slasher film's sense of transgression, both in terms of bodily awareness and genre play." - Clayton Dillard, Slant Magazine

Twins Todd and Terry seem like sweet boys - until one of them takes an axe to the face of a fellow drive-in patron. Todd is blamed and institutionalized, whilst Terry goes free. Ten years later, as the family gathers for the holidays, news comes that Todd has escaped...but has the real killer been in their midst all along?! One thing's for sure: this Thanksgiving, there will be blood and rage.


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