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Arrow Films Screening of The Burning & Spider Baby at the Genesis Cinema

25th August 2018

 Arrow Films are thrilled to have teamed up with Genesis Cinema to bring you a series of the finest, funnest B-Movies and cult gems.

Join us on Saturday the 25th August for 80s teen slasher The Burning and the 1967 dark horror comedy Spider Baby.

"At summer camp, some teenagers pull a prank on the camp's caretaker, Cropsy (Lou David). But the joke goes terribly wrong, and the teens leave Cropsy for dead after setting him on fire. But no one keeps Cropsy down. A few years later, the burned and disfigured caretaker returns to camp equipped with his trusty shears, ready to unleash his particular brand of vengeance on a whole new group of teens. The murderous Cropsy stalks the campers in the woods, one by one."

"Chauffeur Bruno (Lon Chaney Jr.) looks after three strange siblings at their family estate. Ralph (Sid Haig), Virginia (Jill Banner) and Elizabeth (Beverly Washburn) all suffer from an inherited condition: a genetic disorder that causes a reversal in mental age and results in a crazed, childlike disposition. Because of his affection for the family, Bruno covers up the siblings' bizarre behavior and crimes. But, when relatives arrive at the family estate, the truth is bound to come out."

We look forward to seeing you there!

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