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A Touch of Sin + Intro by Christine Ni - Chinese New Year at the Genesis Cinema

7th February 2019

Genesis is welcoming the Chinese New Year in collaboration with Christine Ni and a screening of Zhang-Ke Jia's exceptional A Touch of Sin.

"An angry miner revolts against the corruption of his village leaders.

A migrant worker at home for the New Year discovers the infinite possibilities a firearm can offer.

A pretty receptionist at a sauna is pushed to the limit when a rich client assaults her.

A young factory worker goes from job to job trying to improve his lot in life.

Four people, four different provinces. A reflection on contemporary China: that of an economic giant slowly being eroded by violence."

Please make sure to be in your seats on time for Xueting Chistine Ni's insightful introduction.

Xueting Christine Ni was born in Guangzhou, during China's "re-opening to the West". As an adolescent, she emigrated with her family to England. After graduating in English Literature and realising that her experiences gave her a unique a cultural perspective, bridging the Eastern and Western, she began translating original works of Chinese fiction. Since 2010, Christine has written extensively on Chinese culture and China's place in Western pop media, presenting publicly in collaboration with companies, theatres, institutions and festivals. Having worked on manhua, documentaries and science fiction, she continues her cultural translation of China, with a mission to help improve understanding of Chinese heritage, culture and innovation, and introduce its wonders to new audiences.

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