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By Caroline Lichnewsky
25th June 2021
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The Stylist Short Cuts Competition – get to know our winners (Part 3)!

*** Get to know the team behind the short TICKS ***


Our last category Award winners but not least, TICKS directed by Chloe Carroll has been praised by the judging team who awarded Gabriella Piazza, its lead actress, the Best Performance Award 🏆!


Recalling Gabriella’s performance in TICKS, Najarra Townsend (lead actress & producer of The Stylist and member of The Stylist Short Cuts judging panel) said “her performance was natural, funny and made me feel like I knew that girl. I wanted to keep watching her. I always find the mark of a good actor is when I want to see more. And with Gabriella Piazza I will definitely be looking out for more of her work.”


TICKS is currently available on ARROW in the US, US and Canada for you to enjoy! But before that, let’s speak to Chloe and Gabriella about their winning collaboration!


Hi Chloe & Gabriella, congratulations on your win! Could you tell us a bit about your respective backgrounds? 

CC: I have always been interested in making films in some capacity. I studied Performing Arts and Film Studies in college in the UK. And when I came to America I developed an interest in learning how to make films and produce instead of just acting. I love creating stories visually and am a big horror fan so I started my own production company Fear Crypt so I could produce short horror films. I also co-own Aspire Motion Pictures and PGC Studios which both produce films of all different genres.

GP: After graduating college, I went the traditional route and climbed the ranks of the corporate ladder.  By the age of 26, I was a VP of Sales for a major technology company in NYC but I realized something was missing.  I had always loved acting and acted sporadically through high school and college, so I enrolled in the New York Film Academy at night and attended classes after work.  After about 6 months of attending school, and meeting an incredibly talented director, I decided to quit my job (eek!), Executive Produce, and star in my first short film, To Whom It May Concern. The rest is history! 


Chloe, Could you tell us how you came up with the idea behind TICKS? 

CC: I am pretty grossed out by the thought of ticks in general. Like the fact that you can’t feel when they bite you and you could have hundreds on your back and you might not know, is such an awful scary thought. So I took my own fear and just magnified it for horror entertainment purposes and wrote TICKS.


Gabriella, How did you get involved in this project? Was that your first collaboration with Chloe?

GP: Well, I had the most incredible honor of working with the ever-so-talented Chloe on another horror film, Stay Quiet. When she asked me to help produce and act in TICKS, I COULD NOT say no! :) She is one of the most talented writers, actors, producers, and directors I have ever worked with. Quadruple threat! 



Any anecdotes that you’d like to share about making it? 

CC: I got myself covered in fake blood filming the end scene at the start of the day that my husband had to give me all of his clothing for a short while so I could continue directing in clean clothes – as you can see in the picture - while he sat with no clothes in the bathroom waiting until someone could pick up clean clothes for us haha!


Do you have any upcoming projects (together or separately) that you’d like to tell us about? 

CC: Currently in development with a horror feature film called Need To Feed which will be Fear Crypts first feature film. It is based off the same characters in the short film Elysia which will be released on the Fear Crypt YouTube channel in the next month or so.

GP: I am super excited to announce that I will be having my international and domestic debut in, The Many Saints of Newark which is the Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema Sopranos' prequel!  It will be in theaters and on HBO Max on September 24th. I am part of the ensemble cast and am so excited for the world to see it!  Also, I have a short film in post-production that will hopefully be hitting the film festival circuit soon called, When It Stops



Wanna see more of TICKS? Here is a little Behind-The-Scenes video – courtesy of Fear Crypt – for your viewing pleasure:



To keep up to date with Chloe, Gabriella and Fear Crypt’s upcoming projects, go check out their website:

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